Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

"I've never tried it before" is a magic phrase?

Buying drinks at Whole Foods today I saw Chai Cola. Sure, I'll give it a try. Ringing up my purchases:

Checker: Ooo, Chai Cola
Corey: Yeah, I've never tried it before.
Checker: That's our .

Checker then grabs the 4-pack back, hits some keys, rings it up again, says something like "free" or "on us", and sends me on my way with my purchases. Checking my receipt on the way out there's no listing of the Chai Cola. Did the checker add then remove it as some weird I'm-feeling-good promotion? Is "I've never tried it before" a magic phrase at Whole Foods that gives you a free sample of anything you want? Did the checker really just try to actually ring up the cola, twice, and fail both times? Perhaps we'll never know. But some weekend soon I may be brave enough to try Chai Cola.
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