Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Sunscreen on a rainy day

Yesterday owens888 and I spent four hours at Doug's Garage. By evening my face was feeling sorta sore and I think it's because I'm getting a sun burn from the glow of the flame as it melts the glass (something like this but a lot brighter). Maybe I need a full-face visor of safety glass. Heh. But actually today I tried wearing sunscreen before going to the workshop. We were there for only an hour (155 cu.ft. just doesn't last these days) but I feel much less sunned than I've felt in the past. Something to try again next week.

Yeah, I'm late with posting photos. When I do post them you'll see Easter eggs, flowers, pendants, a few marbles, and a tree or two, made by Melinda and me.
Tags: fire arts
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