Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


My bike is in enough disrepair that I missed riding with fourpaws (my bike needs a new chain and a lot of cleaning). Instead I went for a run, on my Over the bike bridge route. 3 2/3rds miles, 33:59 in total including at least 5 minutes of waiting for traffic lights. That rounds out to be right around 8 minutes per mile while running. Weather was great: clear, sunny (though, at 6:45p, sun was setting), and about 64F.

I rather like this route: it goes very near spongiform's house, it's a loop, it doesn't have a whole lot of arterials, and it's a decent length. It looks like I last ran this route in July 2008 in 85F weather. Notable about that run: it's when I learned the grass outside my apartment makes me very itchy.
Tags: running
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