Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

NYC, day 3

I'm closing out my third night here in NYC, staying at the Four Points in Chelsea. The humidity outside is down this evening, the temperature mild, so I took a walk to Times Square and back. A few thousand people seemed to join me although they didn't stick to exactly my route. I always enjoy a visit to Times Square when in NYC, especially a visit at night, for both people watching and for looking at all the neon and LED signs. It's quite a spectacle.

Earlier in the evening I joined my friend Jon for dinner at The Spotted Pig where I had their famous Roquefort-smothered burger. Man, taste-ee. The "Sheep’s Ricotta Gnudi with Brown Butter & Sage" was a pretty awesome appetizer to start with, too. The place feels like an English pub (at least to me -- what do I really know about pubs?) and the decor is "pork" -- pigs on every surface they could manage. The table upstairs next to the window was perhaps the best in the house.

So the trip's going okay so far. I'm finding I'm still on a West coast sleeping schedule, sleeping in past 9a and up past midnight, but daylight hours feel like they ought to. And it's surprising to me that I still find it novel that folks are only just getting in to the Mountain View offices by the time I'm returning from lunch.

Tomorrow one of the people whom I'm working with plans to head out for a run, should the weather hold, which would be a treat to join. And I may try going out to lunch tomorrow, or at least checking out the neighboring building where we apparently have offices (and where there's many local restaurants).
Tags: travel
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