Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


One of the big changes from grad school to the Real World is that these people here mean business. No lollygagging around! I guess I'll have to do some real work tomorrow morning.

On the plus side, my contribution to the current endeavor is much more prominent (in my current project) than in my previous project. Ie, I feel much better about contributing, because what I'm doing is very visible. I don't have to rely on the tech lead to mention my otherwise hidden work explicitly at each demo.


In other news, my WWW paper is 90% on its way to being canned (I haven't quite fully accepted that reality yet, but soon will). What I wanted to write just doesn't fit in at a conference very well. Basically, I wanted to write a short paper discussing several tricks I've discovered for enhancing web usage logs. But, a very insightful friend made several important observations. Among them: It's not very meaty - I could stretch this into 4 or 5 pages, tops. It's not very researchy - the ideas don't have that much interest, scientifically. It's sort of like saying I've built this new piece of test equipment, here's how it works. I'm not reporting on experiments -- just on the test equipment.

I'll probably look for a workshop at WWW or maybe another conference to submit it to. It feels workshopy. Or, perhaps it'll find another home. But, submitting to the main conference seems greatly in doubt presently.
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