Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

More food

Last night's dinner was deep fried sea bass from A Salt & Battery. Okay, but not amazing. I'd like to try to pollock or haddock there sometime, as I've heard it's a great fish and chips venue. Tonight several people went to Company for some excellent pizza. Thin and crisp crust, I ate more than anyone else -- I was hungry! On the way over we were talking about food in NYC and I remarked that, no matter what you want, you can find it somewhere for $30 for dinner. My contribution by the end of the meal was about that.

Demo week ended well, I'm happy with what I built and I have several ideas for how to build on it when back in California. I'm now just winding the evening down; my flight out tomorrow morning means I need to wake up way earlier than the 9:30a I've been sleeping in to lately.
Tags: travel
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