Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Two runs

Thursday (6/3/2010). 35 minutes for a 4 mile run along the Hudson in NYC. About 85F, 1p, and humid. Stopped a few times along the way - just felt dehydrated. Found the drinking fountains at the restrooms along the ped path. I ran at a very slightly better pace than Beckett and Isaac but with my breaks I didn't keep up with them. I need to run more, I think. And in less hot and humid weather.

Sunday (6/6/2010) 5p. 27(?) minutes for the Charleston loop. I walked some parts (it was maybe 80F out) but accounting for that I ran at a just over 8 minute per mile pace. Not bad for being underhydrated.
Tags: running
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