Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Two runs for the price of one blog post

Both yesterday and today I went on an about 3 mile run around Rengstorff avenue. On both days I ran it in about 25 minutes, give or take, but had a few pauses along the way. My time outbound, through the Monta Loma neighborhood to Central and on to Rengstorff was the same on both days: 4 minutes to Nita Ave, 6 minutes to Central, and 9:50 to Rengstorff. I waited 2 minutes for the light on both days, which was a welcome relief. I've taken to wearing my CamelBak which is great for hydration but I'm still fussing with the chest strap. More loose than I have it and the CamelBak bounces around too much. But where it's at now, and tighter still, makes it hard to breathe deeply. So, more fussing. I walked a bit along the Farley leg. I'm pretty sure I'm limited by cardio, not by legs, and I even tried proving this to myself by going for some really nice long strides on the final quarter mile toward the finish and it felt about the same as any other part of my run (well, better, in fact, because it's nearly always nicer to run with longer strides). So, more being active for me.
Tags: running
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