Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Married and honeymooned

I've spent much of the recent weeks getting ready for my wedding with owens888. Lots of people in from out of town, lots of things to tend to at the last minute but no real crises. The wedding day itself went off very well, not least evidence of which being that Melinda and I are now officially married. 8) The day held a mix of Chinese and Western traditions, took fun parts from both and didn't go overboard with either. Pictures will be available soon.

Melinda and I hadn't put much forethought into our honeymoon, instead expecting to work something out after the wedding, maybe taking a driving trip somewhere. Melinda's a TA for a class this term at USF so we could take only a few days off, and with trips to Seattle, NYC, and Taiwan in the upcoming year for the rest of the Melinda and Corey Wedding world tour we didn't feel the need to take a long honeymoon. So it wasn't until Tuesday after the wedding, about 36 hours before we expected to head out on whatever trip we'd take, that we finally settled on the trip. And that was: let's go to Maui! Yeah, it was kind of crazy to put this all together at the last minute, but in the end the planning worked out really well. We wanted to go somewhere that we haven't been to before, to somewhere that's having nice weather, and somewhere memorable. Maui worked out for all those points, and offered the added bonus of letting us really splurge. So Tuesday afternoon I booked first class tickets (direct flight!) on Alaska (finally, a good use for so many MVP miles), a rental car for the duration, and three nights in an Ocean View room at the Four Seasons(!). Just add newlyweds and *poof* instant honeymoon.

Our trip to Maui was awesome -- easily the most relaxing vacation I've had in I don't know how long. We saw a few sites, we lounged on the beach, we slept in, we ate well, and we didn't think the least bit about work until the flight home. I sort of can't believe it was only three days long. I'll post pictures and aim to write much more about the trip (if for no other reason than to remind myself what we all did) in the upcoming days. But for now we're back in the real world, mostly unpacked, but still getting used to calling each other "husband" and "wife."
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