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Breaking another long fast, I made cookies for the first time since July or August. Mom and Dad gave me and Melinda a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for our wedding, I set it up yesterday and it motivated me to make cookies again. Today's recipe was what I found on the back of the Guittard chocolate chip package, although I used Ghiradelli chips for the cookies (the Guittard chips are months old and have suffered through our heat spell a few weeks ago). Different from my usual recipe this recipe has a higher butter:flour and sugar:flour ratio (and about the same butter:sugar ratio). Sure, I'll try it.

Using the mixer was great. The wire whisk attachment made creaming the sugar, eggs, butter, and vanilla a snap. That's usually a pretty easy task, of course, even by hand. Adding the flour and chips, though, it worked just as well, and that's where hand mixing is a real pain. Adding ingredients is a little tricky, because I need to stop the mixer, lower the bowl, add ingredient, raise bowl, and restart. There's a ingredient chute that I can buy to make this easier. Only issue I noticed was that the chips could get pressed into the side of the mixing bowl by the mixing blade. I don't know what to do about that, if anything. The chips today were pretty wide and short, maybe ordinary chips wouldn't care so much. More, I want to be sure I don't damage the mixer when it hits a chip during one of its turning points. I'd also like to get the lids for the bowl, so I can cover the bowl when I put the dough in the refrigerator.

Cookies turned out okay. I forgot to add baking soda but I liked the cookies as they did turn out, if somewhat flat (I probably over-whipped the butter initially; the dough was pretty fluffy). 15 minutes at 375F was about right for them. Nothing fancy in the end, just chocolate chip cookies. And, the mixer worked well.
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