Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

On the road to Tukwila

owens888 and I are heading to my parents for early-Christmas, this weekend. We made it as far as Portland, OR, before calling it a day. We're planning to visit two factories that make the glass we use in Doug's Garage: Glass Alchemy and Northstar Glassworks. Both are based in or near Portland. Visits there are on the docket for the first thing tomorrow.

Events while driving:

Bay Bridge: a truck carrying many pallets dropped the top half of one in the number 1 lane maybe two minutes before we passed by. Not long enough ahead of time for it to be cleared up; we drove over it. No damage, happily. Caltrans was clearing the truck, and a small car (poor car...), as we drove by.

Redding, CA: I passed a VW hatchback with "controversy" in decals across the back window. A short while later I noticed it was driving about as aggressively as I was, and so was keeping up with me. About twenty minutes later I figured out they were just pacing me but maybe 50 yards back. I'd speed up, he'd speed up; I'd slow down, he'd slow down. I changed lanes a couple of times, he followed suit. I could see it was just a couple of college-age guys in the car so I figured they were just using me as a pace car for the road. I kept this shadow for 150 miles(!), until they exited in Central Medford. They waved and gave me a thumbs-up as they left. Hilarious. I sort of missed them for the next several miles.

Medford, OR, to Roseburg, OR: there's nothing here. Nothing. No real gas stations (you can buy gas at "Joe's gas"), no fast food, nothing. Fuel up before you leave Medford, or have 100 miles of fuel with you.

Saw lots of hibernating orchards, a few sheep ranches, many plains, lots of evergreen trees, and some thin snow or frost (hard to tell which) in shadows along the way.

Tomorrow: GA, NS, then driving the rest of the way to Tukwila.
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