Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Car's all better now

We're in Tukwila, and actually got here Thursday mid-day. Ron Tonkin Acura replaced the hub and rotated the tires but per my request left us with the four questionable tires. Friday I visited a Costco to get the tires replaced, finding only that they had only the snow-and-rain version of the tire I wanted (of course, I should have expected this, given where I was at). I also found my receipt and learned that my tires are actually nearly three years old and have seen 44,000 miles. What's the typical lifespan for these tires, I asked the internet? Apparently, 40,000 - 50,000 miles. So, wow, I guess I was due for new tires. Had I known I'd have changed them before the trip. Oh, well.

Neither Costco nor a nearby Les Schwab had the Michelin Pilot MXM4s in stock but Acura of Seattle (actually in Tukwila) had a dozen, and would align everything as well, so they got the privilege of working on my car yesterday. So now, my car has new tires, a new right front hub, and correctly-aligned wheels. Still had bad luck with payment -- credit card company was surprised that my credit card may have been used in Seattle rather than its home in Tukwila -- but a phone call cleared that up. (C'mon, Visa -- can't you imagine someone might be traveling during the holidays? Didn't you notice the string of gas station payments along I-5 the day before?)

So now it's Saturday, pre-Christmas for me and Melinda with my family this afternoon. And, with luck, no more thoughts about the car.
Tags: travel
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