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Today the snow came. We'd been warned about it for a day or two, and although it was about 12 hours late it's otherwise played out as predicted. This morning we started with a light dusting of small, dry, very cold snow. It accumulated like powdered sugar over everything but was easy to clear away -- it's too cold to melt and merge with the other snow flakes. Mid-afternoon Melinda, Melinda's mom, and I headed to the mall to go shopping before we went to the movies. No trouble with the drive, really, just some snow around. Melinda's dad joined us around 6p and by then the windows outside showed heavy gusts driving the snow laterally across the roads and sidewalks. [shrug] We went to see the movie.

Part One of the Deathly Hallows story later we headed out from the mall. (The stores close early in this mall so it's just a ghost town connected to a movie theater after about 8p. Eerie.) Jim drove his car and I rode with Yulin, driving, and Melinda. The snow was thicker on the roads than before, despite the apparent plowing, but it was still very powdery snow so easy to find pavement when necessary. Worse was the near-whiteout conditions from the gusting winds and falling snow. The route home isn't long, we took it slowly, and soon were at the last 0.25 miles. Which, of course, were the only 0.25 miles not plowed.

The Matrix had the expected difficulty making its way through 10" of powder on the roadway. I hopped out to push, soon also did Melinda, and between us pushing and perseverance with the accelerator petal the car made it to the driveway. It was all well and good, although Melinda and I were caked with snow, in small part from the wind gusts but in large part from what the front tires kicked up. 8(. I took a hot shower and Melinda's mom made us chicken soup, both of which helped.

Tomorrow's plan is likely similar to today's: shopping at the mall, maybe some other entertainment. Melinda would like to visit an optometrist tomorrow to get a new prescription for contact lenses but we'll know only in the morning whether their offices will be open. When the snow stops falling it'll be pretty short time before the major roads in town will be easily passable.
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