Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Reception; new year's eve eve

Wednesday evening Melinda and I attended our third post-wedding celebration, this one for the Stamford, CT, friends and family. Banks of snow from the blizzard earlier in the week remained everywhere, and many sidewalks were slushy, but nothing enough to keep anyone local away from the party. We stopped first at Princess Wedding for Melinda's makeup and hair appointment -- this reception was going to be complete with the Chinese Emperor & Empress outfits and Melinda's beautiful purple evening gown, so the hair and makeup needed to match. Princess Wedding Studio is small but niche. The woman who did the makeup was quick and skillful and chatted with Melinda in Mandarin the entire time. The studio does hair and makeup and also studio photos -- apparently, taking wedding photos ahead of the wedding is common in Taiwan. Melinda and her family had studio photos taken in August, before the wedding, so this day was just for makeup for the evening. Melinda even convinced me to have a little makeup, just foundation, to make up for how dry my skin usually is.

Dinner was at Jade Asian, a large Cantonese restaurant in Flushing. We took up only one-third of the restaurant, with about six tables in total, Melinda and I sitting at the "young persons' table" at the head of the area. Melinda's mom showed two slideshows of us-growing-up photos (another Chinese tradition) and of wedding photos, and everyone loved seeing the emperor and empress outfits. Some dishes were especially tasty but I kinda liked the SF food better. The party ran until going on 10p, and we didn't get home until past midnight (including cleaning up and the drive back home). In all, successful.

Today, Edwin, Melinda, Yulin, and I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see their special exhibit on art from the Yuan dynasty. Melinda and I are listening to a lecture series on the history of China and the most recent lectures have been describing this period of time, so the visit was especially well-timed. Summary: porcelain, textiles, and ink on paper in the 14th century is pretty darn impressive. Also, it's pretty awesome to see the influence of Arabia and central Asia on the Chinese art. Heading back home from the Met, we took a cab ride to Grand Central Station, which was everything you'd expect a NYC cab ride to be: some honking, some driving impossibly close to other cars, some rapid acceleration and deceleration, and even nearly hitting a pedestrian (who'd have deserved it: walking against the light and talking on his cell phone). Back at home this evening, we watched Edwin play Epic Mickey on the Wii (more on that later - it seems like a pretty neat game) and later Knight and Day that Jim brought home from redbox. I wouldn't recommend seeing that movie, unless you like action just for the sake of action; the movie is pretty high on disbelief.

Tomorrow we're expecting a pretty tame day. I'll help Melinda make a brownie, then we'll watch the ball drop from the comfort of my in-law's home in Stamford.
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