Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Boston, day 1

(pardon the brief post; I should be getting to bed now, really.)

Slept in a bit but still at work by a bit past 10a. Met a bunch of people, ate lunch with them. Learned that my laptop can drive a 30" display (woo!). Very friendly folks. Will meet with new people tomorrow.

Went to Harvard Square for dinner, at Mr. Bartley's on the recommendation of my co-workers for "a good burger." Had the "BP" which was Boursin cheese and bacon on 7 oz. of well-done ground beef and a side of sweet potato fries. The fries were a little bland and limp but the burger was a joy of flavors. I tried a bottle of the Mr. Bartley's root beer; you should pass.

Following dinner Ben de Bivort invited me to the Rowland Institute where he works. Neat stuff. 15-20 scientists are institute-funded for a fixed term (about 5 years, IIRC) to do "science" with a bent toward developing technology (as opposed to pure research). Or such is my understanding. The place is funded by an endowment left by Edwin Land of Polaroid fame. The building looks like it dropped out of the early 1960s, but in a good way. Big open interior spaces, wood paneled everything, an interior courtyard arboretum, an immense library. I was impressed by the full shop (lathes, mills, drills, and a wall of materials -- you need to build stuff to do science) and by the electronics lab (run by Winfield Hill of Horowitz & Hill fame). A site to behold. Even before Ben turned on the light you could smell that it was an electronics lab. After the tour Ben and I tried a few card games he and a friend came up with last summer. Pretty fun, and all the games are played with two players and a deck of cards, so these add to a space of games with few other good entrants. It'll be fun to try these games again, and to try the other ones he's put together.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to come in to work late, and do a little site-seeing. I hear there'll be snow by the end of tomorrow so I'd like to get out while the streets and sidewalks are still clear. Even with snow, though, I can get in to work -- I can see my desk from my hotel room, and it's not 100 yards away.
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