Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Boston, day 2

I forced myself out of bed despite the want to sleep in, because I wanted to sneak in some site-seeing before work today. I was out of the hotel by around 9:30 and arrived at Faneuil Hall by around 10a. Only to find that the hall is closed for renovation until later in the year. Oh, well. There's several other historic buildings in the area and they all seem to have a common theme: filled with shops and eateries inside and a row of enclosed carts along the outside. At 10a they all were just opening so I didn't have much company walking the length of the building. The restauranteers seemed friendly enough, including the woman who sold me the very nice chocolate chip cookie. And the Starbucks barrista who made my venti salted caramel hot chocolate. Good morning!

I took the long walk back, opting to walk instead of T it from Government Circle to Park station. And, I walked the wrong way for two blocks, too. It was still partly sunny, if cold, in the morning so no big deal about the extra walking. I happened past an old cemetery and church with some plots dating to the 17th century. That's an awful long time to be in the burial grounds. It's now along a busy street and above the T line.

Back at work I found it easy to spend five hours in discussions with locals and on VC. When I travel east I can usually get some coding in during the evenings, which overlaps with work hours in San Francisco. But there's no dinner(*) in CAM and I've been meeting friends in the area so I've been leaving early. It also helps when the days just are longer and warmer. Who want to go home at 11p when it's 19F outside? (Happy fact: my hotel room is close enough to work that I can still be on the work WiFi while under a blanket in the arm chair. Comfy!).

Dinner was at Helmand with Gabriel, Phillip, and John; Mike couldn't make it. We'll all be playing in the Mystery Hunt together, although Gabriel's flying out to SF Thursday afternoon to play on the left coast. This hunt will be Phillip's first hunt so most of the dinner conversation was around what to expect. The food itself was good, with the dessert ("Our cake" -- cardammom and pineapple cake with ice cream and a pomegranete sauce) was the apex. We all walked back to Kendall Square together, and I'll see John and Phillip again on Thursday night (and if not, certainly on Friday when the event starts).

Back in my room, I'm waiting for the first snow of the new year, and the big blizzard that's predicted to strike. I'll go in to work tomorrow, no matter what, because I'm enjoyably so close to work. I asked around the office today for how long after this big blizzard will it be before the city is humming again, for Logan to be landing planes. 24-36 hours is what I've been told. Boston has its act together.

(*) CAM has a dinner program designed for people with schedules delayed to overlap with the West coast, and for people hacking late. They have about a dozen leftover containers, with microwave instructions, for reheatable foods. Convenience food, but I'll stick with eating out this week, I think.
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