Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Boston, day 3

It snowed a lot last night and this morning. The rate never seemed all that scary -- way less than what I would expect for a "blizzard" -- and not entirely unlike what I've seen in Seattle, even. Biggest difference may be that the surface of the world is already cold, cold enough that not even the first flake of snow melted when it landed. So the ground turned white pretty quickly and the rooftops and trees were frosted by dawn.

Boston has its act together about snow. The city plows the streets, and by 8:30a I could see that the street in front of the hotel had been graded down to "packed snow". I could also see a bobcat in the lot next to me, pushing snow around, and the hotel had a guy with a snowblower an deicing chemicals working the front walk. The walk to work, all 50' of it, *was* worse than yesterday, but only because the snow, under influence from those chemicals, was turning into slush. Slush that had no easy access to the storm drains, so turned into large puddles across (and in fact, into) which I had to step.

Melinda's flight to Boston should be as scheduled, more or less. The equivalent flight from today was canceled but the red-eye, taking off in 30 minutes, is on schedule. Really, within a few hours and with very little complaining the city was back to its normal behavior for a winter's day.

At work I spent nearly the entire time in a huddle room (small conference room), on video chat with various people in Mountain View. I guess today would have been a better day to have been at headquarters. Much of the time was manager work (calibration -- quarterly evaluations of everyone). The other half was some 1:1 chats with people on my team. I've been using the built-in camera and microphone on my computer lately in order to do video chat and it's been working very well. In fact, I think I had better discussions with people by video chat than in person, in part because it's easier to have a private conversation on a phone or with your laptop in a phone cubby, than it is with another person face to face. Later in the evening, working on prep for the Mystery Hunt, I found myself in the same configuration again: on the phone with Dan, with my headphones in, he and I working in parallel with the open phone line but not always talking. Just like at work, except more wearing pajamas.

CAM had some no-shows due to the weather, but not too many. Biggest issue was the cafeteria didn't have hot lunch today -- just cold cuts and their spartan salad bar. And the bread was gone by the time I ate so it was Wrapsville for me. Sort of sad, to not do food well. I do like the vend-o-hot chocolate, supplemented by chocolate chips in a bin in the microkitchen. Dinner for me was out, of course, because they don't have regular dinner at CAM (and slim pickings today). The restaurant at the Marriott was only okay, but also tomorrow is apparently its last day for a few months as they renovate.

So now, about to head to bed, just finishing up on things I'd promised people. I should try to get in to work before 11:30 tomorrow, which was my time today, just because it's my last day in CAM for this trip. I have dinner plans with some friends tomorrow night, and Melinda arrives just after dinner, too. Many things to look forward to.
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