Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Boston, day 4

Fourth and final day for me in the CAM offices. A few more meetings with people, a bit more project planning, all good stuff. I left work around 6p to meet up with first Todd, then on to Gargoyles On the Square for dinner. There we met Andy and Ariel, in from Austin and playing on Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening, and "Artistry" playing on Luck, Luck, Goose. Over the evening we were then joined by Jenny, Foggy, and ??? from Palindrome, Melinda, Tyler playing on Luck, Luck, Goose, and a few more people from Palindrome. We were a sort of rowdy, mostly a few specific people, but everyone was having a good time. I enjoyed meeting several people from other teams, and in seeing Melinda back from the airport and arrived in Boston. The food, especially the fatty lamb, was very good.

On the eve of the Hunt there's surprisingly little for us to do. So it's off to bed now, with a plan to head to the Boston team rooms by 9a or 10a.

Also: probably no Boston, day 5 or 6 report. More when the hunt finishes, or when I'm back in SF.
Tags: travel
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