Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

The virtual world becomes real

I finally gave up on sleeping in this morning when my phone rang a bit after 10a. "Either a solicitor or my parents," I thought. "Is this Corey Anderson?" The voice sounds like my uncle Ray, but not quite. "Yes," I reply. The other person then introduces himself -- not a solicitor, but in fact someone who has a coin just like this one and wanted to know more about it. Now, in fact, that coin is a mystery to me: it's not a coin at all, but it is gold. It wasn't stamped by the US Mint but it shows a portrait of JFK on the obverse. I acquired mine at an antiques store sometime between 2000 and 2003, I don't recall when. Since I put the photo on the web I've received dozens of e-mail messages from other people who have a similar coin (medal, I guess I should say) but no one knows the full story.

But back to the call this morning. The caller, from Stratford, CT, didn't know much about the coin, but shared me his story of acquiring it (his brother, after working at the NY World's Fair and in the Bahamas, gave it to his mom in 1965, and the caller found it when sorting through his mother's apartment). During the call in the back of my mind, of course, is two things: isn't it really odd to receive a phone call from "the internet"? And, how did this person find my number? I didn't ask the obvious question, so I don't know for sure. He did end with giving me his e-mail address and phone number, so it's all mutual and such.

The interesting thing from his story, though, is that the number on the obverse of the medal is not 1961 -- his shows "2061". I'd always assumed that those numbers were a date; after all, JFK took office in 1961. But they're written as two two-digit numbers above each other -- perhaps they're a limited series, or something? A new lead to inquire about.
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