Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Eyes and flowers

New galleries of owens888's and my creations from Doug's Garage. See the latest here.

We've been working on flowers and eyes in recent weeks. Flowers, for the both of us, but different. We collaborated on the vase in this set with me on the tube and roots and Melinda on the flower. I've since made a couple of tube + petal flowers, such as the one here. Melinda makes petal-and-stem flowers but has made several paper weights with layers of petals; here's a close-up of one.

In the current issue of Glassline Magazine they have a piece about making eyes. I've tried making several now, with some modest success. The first one broke in the kiln, two more were too small, but the one I made yesterday looks pretty good. Getting the pupil to be the right size and be crisp on the iris is still eluding me. As is the physical copy of the magazine -- I've looked all around for it and can't find it, making re-reading the tutorial a bit of a challenge. Eyes are fun because they're a bit faster to complete than a marble, they look like a real thing when you're done, there's some space for experimentation (colors for the iris, shape of the pupil, color for the eyelids), and lots of opportunity for practicing technique (condensing applied color into a base piece, striking colors, working with shape).
Tags: fire arts
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