Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

New computer

My desktop computer, ca. 2002, lost some important DLL a few weeks ago. I think I can reinstall XP on it but I used the occasion to upgrade machines. I bought a Lenovo X201.

My favorite feature of the X201 is the long battery life: I can get about 10 hours on a recharge. Likely that's in part due to the storage device being SSD, not a spinning disk. Unfortunately, though, the SSD is only 128GB, not the 500GB I could have gotten with magnetic media.

I copied all my files from my desktop machine. I was surprised to learn I had 44GB of photos. Maybe 5GB of that is other people's photos, mostly from the wedding, but still, that's about 3x more bytes than I expected. My 120GB drive is 80% full now!

I just installed Office 2010. I didn't need the media, it turns out, just the install code. The computer came preloaded with Office. I kind of wonder how much space on the drive I'm giving up for those pre-loaded packages. I did burn the recovery disk and delete the 10GB Q: drive.
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