Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

USPS triple fail

Failed to leave my glass order at my front door step. Instead, left a note saying they weren't leaving the package. Package requires "delivery confirmation" but per USPS rules that does not require a signature. USPS has left packages at my door before, I do not know why this one was not left. But that isn't one of the three fails...

(1) Last night I scheduled a redelivery and this morning left the note, signed, at my mailbox. Today, neither note nor parcel are anywhere to be found. Online tracking shows no activity since yesterday. Carrier is not yet back from his route so the office cannot tell me why he failed to deliver.

(2) Instead, what was left at my door is another failed to deliver note, for a different package. This one doesn't even require confirmation -- the package would have fit perfectly in the place where he left the note. Ugh. Also, the tracking number is either incorrect or incomplete -- it does not work.

(3) My monthly financial statement appeared in my mail box today, taped closed with a note "opened by mistake." Does one of my neighbors also receive a statement this size and shape that it's easy to mistake? More importantly, what part of my address is hard to read for the postal carrier, that he did not find the right bin?

About one month ago I received a letter from USPS saying they were consolidating routes. My mail began to show up earlier in the day and from a different person. I guess this experience today and yesterday is part of that fall-out.
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