Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Driving in Taiwan

I’m glad I haven’t needed to drive here in Taiwan. It’d be a neat experience to try, of course, but there’s some native culture that’s important to know. For example, although drivers aggressively squeeze their vehicles (cars, vans, and scooters) anywhere they can, they don’t fight over doing so – they’re not “aggressive drivers” by the American definition. Horns are used only when passing and only to sound “watch out, I’m doing something you should know about” – not “you idiot.” Mr. Lin unintentionally had his high beams on – and someone driving opposite pulled up to him, rolled down the window, and told him about it. Very civil. Also, as in China, it’s apparently not uncommon to ask directions from anyone who’s just sitting alongside the road. We did it a few times.
Tags: travel
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