Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Kenting night market

Back from our venture along the road for the night market. Melinda and I intended to eat food stand food for dinner but didn’t find much we wanted so opted instead to dine at a Thai restaurant. It’s okay but sort of unremarkable Thai food. The restaurant is rather kitschy but many local tourists are taking their photos with the statues. Funny.

By later in the evening more stalls are open so we walk the length of the road. We see food vendors, souvenirs, and some arcade games (simple, boring ones, I’m afraid). Lots of bright lights – it reminds me of the Santa Cruz boardwalk, in fact. It sputters rain occasionally but it’s so warm that the water evaporates quickly. After a full circuit of the market we head back to the room. We can still hear the activity from outside as we wrap up the evening and head to sleep; it’s kind of nice.
Tags: travel
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