Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Guest room

Being on the road for two weeks made me appreciate little details about the rooms we were staying in. For example, a guest room should have a bench or something similar where the guest can open one's luggage. In rooms where we had two beds we used the other bed, but it feels gauche to put a heavy, maybe dirty bag on the other bed. Other features I saw in guest rooms that I liked:

* Bench of luggage (just said).
* Fan.
* Lots of available power outlets (we wanted to charge a cell phone and a laptop).
* Extra towels.
* A bathroom that's separate from the hosts' bathroom.
* A little secluded from the living space of the house (so guests can retire to their room and chill without being in the midst of activity).
* Kleenex.
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