Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Labor day weekend

This weekend my brother, parents, grandmother, mom's siblings' families, wife, and I met outside Long Beach, WA, to scatter the ashes of my grandfather. Grandpa Dixon passed away in February but we chose now to scatter his ashes to coincide with his and Grandma's 57th anniversary. He wished to be placed at sea and near a lighthouse, and we found a charter who took us to a great location just off the base of Cape Disappointment Light. We scattered ashes, set carnations floating on the water's surface, and said another good-bye to our family patriarch. It was still as sad an event as the memorial service in February, and I know now that I'll always think of Amazing Grace as the memorial music, especially when played on bagpipes.

It was enjoyable to see everyone together, even for a short time. Melinda and I will be in Seattle for Christmas but not Thanksgiving, and Phil and family won't make it up again until at least next year. Melinda and I enjoyed playing with our niece and nephew, who are both now old enough to use quite a bit of imagination in their play (those LEGO mini-figurines had many brief adventures this weekend). We shared a condo with Mom and Dad and had plenty of space. Curious that the condo had one bedroom but two bathrooms -- just the arrangement we needed.

During all the down time of the weekend, including the car ride between Portland airport and Long Beach, Melinda worked on her thesis and defense presentation, which is coming up in just over a day. Her family is in from out of town for the event; it's the culmination of many years of effort.
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