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The team morale event is at Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York. I'm sitting on the balcony of my room now typing this message, listening to the myriad crickets, frogs, and other things sound the night. I see Jupiter and the cluster of stars in the middle of Taurus, among many many others. It's a pretty nice place to sit for a while and listen.

I took the first bus from work and sat next to Ben (Dan?), a Noogler who didn't seem interested in talking much. I dozed for an hour and chatted with some others around me. The drive was less than two hours, half the distance to Tahoe. Arriving at Mohonk it's a huge swanky place, more extreme on both dimensions than I had expected. We nerds were out of place with out shorts, sneakers, and backpacks. The status quo seemed to be trousers, sweater or suit jacket, and 60+ but there was a mix of demographics even without us.

I took a few short hikes, minor strenuous walks, really, with Hannah (UX designer) and Neha (SWE on content conversion), who both started the same day last October. We made our way to the tower above the lake and also around the lake. A parallel trail to the tower permits (nay, requires) a fair bit of rock scrambling, which many people enjoyed but which our trio avoided. I brought along with me my 60D, as a test for traveling with it. I didn't want to bang it against the rocks.

The camera worked fine, incidentally. Only issue is there's no good way to carry it. Over one shoulder is best for quickly taking photos but is worst for comfort - it stresses the muscles on one side. Over neck and shoulder is most comfortable but least convenient for shooting, and around my neck is both least comfortable and only moderately convenient for shooting. I think, perhaps, a strap that starts across my chest, goes around to my back below my arms, crosses itself behind my neck, then down in front of me to the camera might be the way to go. I need to try this plan. The pressure to hold up the camera would be over both shoulders and on my chest, not on my neck, so goes my plan.

Dinner was okay; in fact, the food in general was only okay, not great. Maybe I just didn't want swordfish or a 12 oz. steak; okay, yes, the chicken breast and bread pudding was in fact pretty good, better than just okay. And I do like halal bread.

Oh - 12:42a and all the lights on the dock went out. Even more dark out there now. If only the hallway lights near me were out.

After dinner Ben and Amit held a town hall for the group (the group, by the way, included NYC and some people who drove the four hours from the Cambridge office), answering some reasonably interesting questions. We ended with drinks and a party downstairs, and with souvenir mugs. I'll see if mine makes it home intact; it's pretty sturdy so it ought to.

Tomorrow: breakfast 8-9:30, lunch at noon, buses leave at 3p. I have nothing planned yet. Disc golf? Sitting and talking with people? Anything could happen.
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