Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


The second day at Mohonk was more being idle. When I woke up the outdoors was filled with fog, which was neat, but between that, being tired, and kind of wanting to wait out my roommate, I stayed in bed until 9a. All three issues were resolved by doing so and by the time my shower was done I could see across the lake. I missed breakfast but made up for it with a chocolate malt. I tried playing shuffleboard and watching croquet but a thousand gnats made both experiences sort of terrible. So I happily retired to the indoors, read some internet, sat on the rocking chairs on the porch, and watched some people play a game of Puerto Rico. I chatted with several people, including a round-the-lake walk with Ben and Jeremy for some planning discussions. Lunch ended with something accurately labeled Warm Chocolate Decadence and I enjoyed more sitting outdoors and watching the very slow game of Puerto Rico proceed. The bus ride back was pretty reasonable despite the traffic and the driver was kind enough to drop two people off en route (some people live far away from work!). I spent maybe 30 minutes in the office this evening but several people went out to Cafeteria and had tasty appetizers (mac-and-cheese, bacon and dates, and fried chicken and waffles). Most of the floor was empty at the office when I left after dinner. I stopped at American Apparel for the same that I ended up underpacking (hiking yesterday, however mild, did require that I change my shirt before dinner). This trip is the second on which I've stopped at that store for a spare garment. Perhaps it's a new habit.

Tomorrow: work.
Tags: travel
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