Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Chelsea Market

A full day of work in the office today. At least, that was mostly the plan. In truth it ended up a little shorter than a full day. On this trip, because I'm in NYC for only two days, I didn't bother to set up a proper work environment, settling instead to work from my laptop. So I feel I'm kind of useless in regards to writing code or doing other serious work. But that's okay -- I should be talking with the locals and I should be writing peer reviews. At least I've been doing the former.

I also finally made my way in to Chelsea Market. Google has offices over there but that's not the interesting thing -- what's neat is the ground floor is an arcade of boutique bakeries, coffee shops, and other food-related stores. For example, I stopped in to Jacques Torres Chocolates for a wonderful hot chocolate -- real chocolate was involved, not just a mix or syrup. The architecture feels a little like one is walking through the cellar of the building, with exposed pipes and heavy stone blocks, of a building from the early 19th century. The bakeries, with their large viewing windows for the passers by, are a nice juxtaposition to this hearth-like atmosphere. Somewhere upstairs Food Network films Iron Chef America; no, I didn't try to sneak in.

I stayed in the office until around 8, because it's sort of hard to leave when Mountain View is still going strong at 4:30. I enjoyed a veggie greek burger at The Dish down the street from the hotel, thought briefly about a dessert cookie from Starbucks but decided against when I saw the calorie count was more than the price in pennies. I felt a few light sprinkles as I walked briskly back to the hotel but it's not really raining outside. It's warm, maybe around 70F, and we've been dodging thunderstorms all this week so far. Here's to hoping we dodge them for just a few hours more.

Tomorrow: more being social with the NYers, more trying to do ordinary work, and finally heading home in the afternoon.
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