Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

October run

On an errand to work I noticed how nice the afternoon weather was and I was jealous of the person running along the path as I drove by. So I changed at home, drove back to work, and went for a short run. I started from the Crittenden campus and headed north along the Stevens Creek Trail, then east on the newly opened Moffett Bay Trail. I'm obviously not in my top shape because I stopped several times; I need to build up my stamina. But I got in about 2.5 miles in my run, out and back on the trails. The Moffett Bay Trail is unpaved and divides a former salt evaporation pond from the Bay. In early autumn the air smells of anise, I'm not sure why. Along the trail I passed a few cyclists and a couple who was walking but no one more. For such a nice afternoon it was surprisingly deserted.

Driving to a trailhead then running: A++. I like running in my neighborhood but sometimes the natural scenery is what I want.

Sunny and mid-60s. I wore the Camelbak and my adventuring hat.
Tags: running
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