Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

A day of travel

We're in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina now, having traveled for the last 33 hours when we awoke at 7a in San Francisco. SFO to Lima, Peru, and on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We met up with 8 other people on the trip, including one of the organizers, in SFO, and tagged along for the cross-B.A. taxi ride to the domestic airport. By happy coincidence Tessa is in town so we met her and Julian around 10a local time. We walked a trail along the river and ate at Siga la Vaca, a buffet restaurant featuring a grill with a dozen cuts and cooks of meat. Food on LAN is alright but this was much much better. Thanks for the treat!

We had a 9-hour layover in Buenos Aires, hence the time afforded to visit with Tessa and Julian. This time also permitted another 20 guests on the trip to meet up at the airport; we were 30 when we boarded the flight to Ushuaia, accounting for perhaps one-third of all the passengers.

So we're in Ushuaia now, checked in to the Hotel Albatros and happily freshened up after the long flight. Shops are open and the sun is out late in this city, so although it's already 10p we're going to head out for a stroll before calling it a night.

Tomorrow we have an idle day. Other people are taking a pre-sail bus tour but we chose to skip it. Instead we'll clear out any jetlag and play tourist in this tiny town. We chose to arrive early as insurance against a flight delay, so anything we do tomorrow is a bonus.
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