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Melinda and I are buying a house. Just after we returned from Antarctica we looked at a few houses on Open House weekends and found this one at the end of February. We weren't looking for anything especially hard to find in a house and this one suited that bill fine. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, including 1/1 downstairs. The detached garage is big enough for a combination of cars, storage, and hobbies, and the lot is big enough for small gatherings or BBQs outside but small enough that we don't feel the need to do something with it. The house is in an entirely residential area - the street has no markings down the center, the house is 200 yards from a middle school, and trees and sidewalks line all the streets. I'll post photos when the house closes.

I've not said much about the house since we saw it the first time because, until it closes, it's not technically ours and something could come along to derail things (eg, the Big One could strike before we close). I figure I'll post photos, inside and out, in another week and change after we have the keys and it's our house.

We'll eventually move out of both Lamplighter and Mouse House but probably not until May. We need to fumigate the house for termites (there's light evidence of their activity and I don't mind paying to be abundantly certain) and we plan for some renovations. The biggest renovation is that we want to remove two walls that enclose the formal dining room; we want to open that space up to the living room in the front of the house. It's "simple and straightforward" work, according to the contractor, but non-trivial because one of the walls holds up the second floor of the right side of the house. The other change is to replace all the underground rain gutter drains on all sides of the house and on the garage. Some of the existing piping is visible above ground (and it goes up and down), and some of the downspouts aren't even connected to egress drainage. So there's a fair bit of trenching needed, and a basin and pump to install in the corner of the property to make this all work. We've selected a contractor to do this work and we're optimistic that everything'll be done by the end of April.

So, that's the scoop. We'll share photos when we have the keys, which should be in just over a week.
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