Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Contractor second visit

This morning I met our architect and contractor for the second time, for the architect to get measurements of the house and for the builder to show his project manager and electrician around. I also managed to meet the postal carrier and FedEx delivery guy while I was at the house.

Good things I learned: the neighbor signed the waiver to permit the fumigators to manipulate the fence when tenting the garage. The plants around the yard look healthy. My ladder arrived. I managed to take many photos of the house before my camera battery entirely died. There's at least two places where one could install a trap door into the crawl space. The attic can provide a good deal of storage. The roof trusses are spaced at 12" intervals.

Bad things I learned: the sump pump beneath the house works but the float does not. While both pumps can run for 45 minutes continuously, the second stage pump is unable to keep up with the first stage. Water that accumulates at the second stage pump eventually spills back into the crawl space. Either because it's from the french drain, or because the drain line is cracked, the side yard floods when the pump runs heavily. The whole-house fan does not feed into duct work, instead only venting generally into the attic.

The amount of water beneath the house was pretty remarkable. I suspect it's because the pump hasn't run in several days and during that time we've gone many inches of rain. We pumped probably 200 gallons of water out into the street; it ran half-way down the block and was kind of conspicuous. But this all happened while the contractor was there so he knows the importance of fixing the drainage. He'd like to begin the exterior work (drainage and power panel installed in the garage) next Monday. I'm eager to have this work begin, too.
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