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Construction site

The house site is now a den of activity. Monday morning Thor began trenching for the replacement drainage and removing the existing pipe. Tuesday the electrician showed up and began work in the garage for the subpanel. Work continued through end of Friday (and possibly Saturday, I'm not sure as I wasn't there) leaving us at this point:

The electrical work is complete and passed inspection from the city. The work included a new run of feeder from the weather head to a new panel (in order to support a 200A service); new panel; run 220V three-phase to the garage; subpanel installed in the garage; two new circuits in the garage for a kiln (one that could also serve as a car charger - 6kW circuit - and one that's just 110V); new buried cable (in conduit) for the new sump pump. The work was adequate but not awesome. Awesome would have been noting that there's a vertical channel inside the house exactly for running services from an aerial entrance down to the crawl space. Instead, the electrician run 2" conduit on the outside of the house. It won't be so ugly after it's painted but for now it's kind of garish.

The drainage work is going well. The downspouts on the left side of the house ran to a buried flexible pipe that simply ended in the front yard. This configuration explains why the front yard was swampy and dumping water onto the driveway. All that was pulled up and replaced with 4" schedule 40 smooth-wall pipe running to the back of the house. Behind the house the drain pipes join up and dump into a newly dug sump on the right rear of the house. This basin replaces the existing basin and will collect both gutter run-off and water pumped from beneath the house. The under-house pump is corroded beyond belief but even in that condition it could handle the water volume fine; we're replacing it with an identical pump. The under house line will be extended into the new basin and a 1/2 hp Zoeller will discharge everything to the street. Thor convinced me that we needed a basin bigger than the 12" x 12" x 12" that I'd initially suggested; 18" x 30" x 30" deep was the new plan. The larger cross-section means that, when the pump runs, it has more work to do -- it'll be on 15 seconds every 15 minutes rather than 5 seconds every 5 minutes, for example. Great. But then, a Thor worker showed up Friday with a 14" diameter tube that's 30" tall. I tried explaining geometry for a little bit but gave up; the foreman also insisted it wasn't the right component. So we're now going for the 24" sump box from NDS.

The other drainage issue is that we're going to lay in a french drain along the back and side of the house and toward the back fence. The french drain that was in place originally was improperly installed -- no gravel and no drain fabric around the pipe so it clogged with dirt. The french drain should help with the surface water in the back yard and on the side yard. Let's hope. It'll also all lead in to the new basin.

The downspout-only trenches have been now filled; the ones needing french drains are yet to be filled. I expect that work will be done by the end of this upcoming week.

The interior work has yet to begin. We're waiting for the architect to send us drawings and, eventually, for him to get the permit for the work.
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