Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

September 10: Haifa

The morning started at 7a with two phone alarms sounding in unison. Melinda and I showered, dressed, and enjoyed an ample buffet in the hotel before catching a taxi to Haifa, about 90 minutes away (during rush hour, at least). My schedule today is “Talking to people in Haifa: 10:00 - 16:00” followed by dinner. Melinda takes the ride, too, to tour the Haifa office then tour in the city. She’s writing her own daily report.
Google Haifa is one of many businesses in the Matam technology park, with neighbors Microsoft, Yahoo!, and the big one, Intel. The park is just a few hundred meters from the beach (just the highway is between the park and the water) but there’s little else very nearby. The tour of the office is quick and I set down to work.
Melinda is back around 4:30 and spends the rest of the time before dinner in the lounge. The office quiets down and mostly clears out by mid-evening (6p?). I catch up on e-mail (really, just catching up on NYC messages, as MTV is still asleep) and we catch a taxi at 6:45 for dinner.
We dine at Sinta Bar, a nice bistro where we meet four people from the Haifa office. My lamburger is rare and red but almost like candy. Conversation covers US politics, the number of children everyone has (so many!), teaching in university, and stories from the old days at Google. Two hours pass quickly, though, and we catch another taxi back to Tel Aviv.
(A big shout out to Galit on the admin staff in the Haifa office for making the taxi arrangements, lunch and dinner plans, and overall taking care of Melinda and me on the outing today.)
I feel mostly on Israel time now -- it feels like it’s going on midnight, so I’m cautiously optimistic I’m over any jetlag I may feel. We’ll find that out when the phones sound in eight hours.
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