Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

September 11: Tel Aviv

Just a work day today. I expanded my breakfast to include a latte (so, it would be: latte, orange juice, a yoghurt, and some melon) and took the walk in to the office. Wearing jeans and a button down it was a bit too warm on the way but still a nice walk. Tomorrow’ll be shorts and a T and much better.

Today was meetings most of the day with my team in the Tel Aviv office. Good to catch up with them and to hear about things work in Tel Aviv. I left after sunset (around 7p) and was reminded that even this much closer to the equator than San Francisco is, there’s that much less twighlight. Nightfall comes quickly.

The walk back, even in the dark, was pleasant; many people were out and about. I made a quick stop at the hotel, went out again looking for dinner, but bailed when I couldn’t find anyplace nearby. I was also uncomfortably sweaty so just as happy to not sit in a warm cafe idly. A quick bite at the hotel and I’m catching up with work e-mail. MTV is waking up!
Tags: travel
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