Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

September 12: Sailing

Another work day, mostly. Slept in an extra 30 minutes (we’re on Tel Aviv time but behaving like we’re in the Bay Area -- alarm rings at 8:30 but we snooze it for 30 or 40 minutes). Breakfast, walk to work (nicer today because I’m wearing shorts), and a day of working.

The afternoon highlight was sailing out of Jaffa on a boat that Gaal borrowed. It was four people from TLV, me, Melinda, and a co-workers’ son. Gaal’s sailed quite a bit now, it seems, and he managed the vessel like it was old hat. I got to help raise the sail (by pulling a line and turning a crank), and Melinda steered the ship for a while as we headed north along the shore. The ship tossed about a bit but with swell less than 1m and only light wind it was hardly anything. We were out for maybe two hours, just floating up then back along the coast (which really just amounted to maybe a few miles of travel). Melinda and I each took a sit in the seat mounted way out over the bow. It’s a pretty nice perch and my only regret was that we never dove in to a swell enough to get my feet wet during that time. The weather was clear and it was a beautiful day to be on the water.

Gaal, Melinda, and I walked back to the hotel from Jaffa and enjoyed the long beach and promenade. Athletic people ran past, families were grilling dinner along the beach, and many people were just out and about, despite the now distinct lack of daylight. There’s less development along the beachfront than there would be had this city been in the US -- long runs of the beach front have no significant buildings within 400m of the promenade. It’s probably just a matter of time, though.
Back at the hotel Gaal gave us dinner and dessert suggestions, we parted company, and Melinda and I tried these suggestions. Dinner at Dallal was elegant and trendy and the cuisine rich in flavors, some unusual to us (creamed eggplant dipping sauce for the bread). Ice cream at Glida Savta is about 10x better than the typical ice cream I have in the US. It had the slightly gritty texture of homemade ice cream, yet was still light and fluffy (I had vanilla, Melinda “lotus” which is a gingersnap biscuit brand). I carefully ate all the ice cream without eating the cone; the cone was no different than American cones and I didn’t want to sully the ice cream flavor. Well worth venturing out for, and I’m glad we got the recommendations.

We packed short of the full week for this trip, intending to launder clothes here. That plan worked so well in Antarctica! I bundled up two days more of clothes and we’ll get them back tomorrow. Should all go well that’ll leave us with just enough for the trip, and without the need for a third bag (which is really why we’re doing this -- to travel with less).

Tomorrow’s plan: last day of work in TLV, then, prepare to become a tourist.
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