Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

September 13: End of the work week

The day started at 6a today when Melinda woke, showered, dressed, and headed out for Jerusalem. She wanted to visit the Temple Mount (and she succeeded!) and knowing the line she saw the other day she knew to get there early. I bid her adieu and went back to sleep; my excuse was that getting up and going would have slowed her down.

The official part of my day started at 8:20 as usual and proceeded through my routine: shower, dress, minimal breakfast, and a walk to the office. I’ll miss the walk, it’s awfully nice, in both directions (although, a little nicer on the way back, just after dusk). Some more 1:1 and group meetings, some catching up with work from Mountain View, and the day raced by.

Melinda returned from Jerusalem around 6:45 just in time to meet me, Gaal, Amit, and Dror for dinner not far from the office. Sderot Rothschild continues past the office but gains more little bistros as it does, and dinner was at one of these bistros. I rather liked the salted beet salad (beets, arugula, feta, dressing, and large-crystal salt) and the beef (very tender). Come to think of it most of the dishes were heavily salted, but in a way that enhanced flavor, not (just) blood pressure. Perusing the dessert menu I observed that the English menu prices were a little more expensive than the Hebrew menu prices. Apparently that’s illegal in Israel but we didn’t do anything about it; when the check came the prices were the lesser values.

Melinda and I had forgotten to pack hats when we left San Francisco and with a trip to the Dead Sea coming up I’ve been trying to solve this problem. Google Maps suggested there’d be a The North Face store near the restaurant but Gaal said it was a lie. Fortunately, he knew of a much better store just a little further away. He accompanied us most of the way there after dinner, and when Melinda and I did arrive we found the Tel Aviv version of The Sports Basement, it seemed. We immediately spotted two nice hats (I have a new adventuring hat!) and took a quick look around the rest of the building, just to see what’s there. The place is small -- about the size of a typical in-mall store -- but one of the workers there claimed it was the biggest sporting goods store in Tel Aviv. Cool. It did indeed have a great selection of hot and cold weather gear (and, as Gaal promised, everything was more expensive than what we’d have paid for it in the US). I was happy to part with my money for the sun protection and we headed out. We hailed a cab pretty quickly and were whisked back to the hotel.

Our morning tomorrow begins at 6a, this time for the both of us. Our tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem departs at 7:20 from the lobby. We have our clothes set out and it’s just now a matter of winding ourselves down into sleep.
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