Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

San Mateo to Ventura

I took the full day off even though Melinda was working in the morning. I enjoyed sleeping in then spent a few hours tending to errands. I had our bags packed and ready by the time Melinda was home, around 2p.
2p was too late to miss traffic, though. We had no trouble heading south until south of San Jose, but from San Jose until Salinas we were in pockets of stop-and-go traffic. We had plenty of time to get to our destination for the night so we didn’t worry much.
We reached San Luis Obispo around 6p, and this location was my goal for dinner. We lucked on to a placed called the Apple Farm for dinner. Let’s call it family style but just a little fancier and better than any Marie Callender’s or Applebee’s you’ve ever been to. The food itself was two or three points better than that, too. The chicken cutlet was a little dry, but the bed of leaks was a nice bass note, and the pork shoulder cooked with bacon was more than filling. Perhaps the highlight of Apple Farm was the bakery. I bought an apple cookie and an oatmeal cookie for the road, and both were delightful, especially the apple cookie. Depending on the hour we may need to stop here on the way home. (Melinda’s edit: No we don’t.)
We reached Ventura a bit past 9p and checked in to the hotel. I was pretty tired so I did just a little fussing around, checking the schedule, before declaring I was going to bed. I set the alarm, and I don’t even remember now when Melinda went to sleep -- I think I was asleep within a few minutes of being horizontal.
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