Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Nothing exciting happened today:

My new desk / cube should work out nicely. I have more deskspace than before and I'm not as exposed as my old desk was. I have a whiteboard for sketching and a shelf for my toys. Facitilies delivered a mondo UPS so my computer will be happy. That's all good.

There are two or three other people working in the same area as I am(intesection of projects X and Y). I'm the new-comer and I'm still trying to feel out exactly what ground is covered and what's to be done. I have a better handle on it now than I did before. Ie, I can avoid duplicating work others have done, and simultaneously do some interesting machine learning. That's good.

The prevailing hue of my dinner this evening was brown. Pork chops (white meat), rice pilaf (brown rice), potato side (note how I cleverly avoid the plural form), and bread. I worry I'm not eating enough vegetables. I wonder if eating more fruit would make up for it. Or if taking daily vitamins helps out. The company doesn't do a good job offering leaf lettuce salads. But the sandwich bar at lunch is still a treat for me.

Today was bright and sunny but cooler outside. I wish sunset wasn't so early (4:51pm local). I usually don't wake until around 8:00am; with sunrise now after 7:00am, I'm wasting less and less daylight while still in bed.

I head out for Seattle on Wednesday morning; I catch a 7:00am flight. A two-day work week is a lame duck.
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