Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Well, it's good to be home in Mountain View again. Heh, it's actually sort of odd to say this is "home". In truth, I feel funny saying "home" about any place presently. Seattle is "where I'm from" and the Bay Area is "where I'm living presently." The concept of "home" takes on both meanings at times. I guess it depends if I want to be sentimental (home = Seattle) or practical (home = Mountain View).

Anyway, it's good to be back where I'm presently living. 8) Thanksgiving was great, getting to be back in Seattle again, to see my family and my friends. It many ways it left just like it had all through grad school -- staying in my old bedroom, going to the UW for games, etc. In fact, when getting ready to head back to the Bay Area Monday morning, I left like I should have been getting ready to go to school, just like I'd always done before.

Visiting Seattle was good, though, because it helped remind me of things I'd too quickly forgotten. How much fun it is to hang out with friends. What it used to be like to live at home. That sort of thing. I'd been a bit depressed in the last couple of months, because I had nothing exciting and fun to do anymore. My visit this past weekend, though, pointed me toward a different truth: that I actually have some great opportunities to do just about anything I want, and that, well, I should. 8) Yeah, this is all sort of twisted, but perhaps one can grok it. Basically, I figured out that, instead of staring at my empty apartment each night, I really can have fun, if I want to put the energy into finding it. So we'll see how the new M.O. goes.

The flight back down here was mostly uneventful. It was oversold and they were looking for people to bump to the next flight; the kickback was a free round-trip ticket on Alaska or Horizon (your choice). I nearly took it, but decided not to. Some dumb reason about wanting to get to work and not miss another day. Actually, it was fear: I didn't want to miss a meeting that someone might have signed me up for. Yeah, pretty silly, but I stuck with my flight. Besides, I'd already used miles to upgrade to first class. 8)

Oh, the phone's ringing. I guess that's it for this entry...
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