Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I'm #1!

I wrote a python script to make a web page listing all my pages which are reached by search engine queries. The script munches on the server access log and makes a nice definition list. 25 minutes of coding, then hours of fun looking at the results.

The most unlikely hits I've found:

  • [making cotton candy] - I'm #1 out of 85,500 pages. Pretty good for a picture of someone making cotton candy.

  • [index print] - #1 out of 5 million. Wow. At lest my page really is an index print (of sorts) of my digital photos. Dunno what all those other 5 million pages are showing as index prints.

  • [scafolding] - #1 out of 1770. Of dubious honor now that I note I misspelled scaffolding.
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