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Holiday party

This evening was the company holiday party. Last year they rented out The Tech for the get together (so I've been told; I wasn't around). This year, we went to a nightclub in downtown Sunnyvale (The Forum). Who'd have known Sunnyvale had a downtown?

I carpooled (of course!) with two others and by the time we got there the club was already pretty full (just employees and their SOs). The party was pre-designated "semi-formal", which meant suit or jacket for men, and nice dress for women. I was suprised to see just how many well-dressed folks there were wandering about Sunnyvale near The Forum -- all going to our party.

The Forum used to be a theater in its previous life, so the layout of the place has a main room that's the old stage and orchestra pit. There's a smaller second floor where a spotlight used to live, and a third floor that was even smaller (who knows what it was used for). I later saw a sign saying the max. occupancy was 715, and I'm sure we hit that number. By the time the evening was out, the place got packed.

Some jugglers entertained for about 45 minutes. They weren't very good. The hors d'oeurves were tasty, and the chocolate dessert was nice, too. The Forum has several staff dancers and such, and one of them was doing gymnastics to entertain us. It was really weird -- she was just doing bendy things and such, and had a skin-showing outfit, of course. It was weird because she was supposed to be background amusement, in the sense that a painting is background amusement, but she was also a real person, so it felt odd just being peripherially entertained. Fortunately, that didn't last too long -- loud music soon started.

Not having an SO to bring to the party, I congretated with a small cluster of other single guys. We eventually gave in and joined the gyrating masses on the dance floor, and that was actually pretty fun. The trick in these things is to just moved roughly in rythym with the music, and then to locate and watch someone who's dancing "really well" by your own standards. Then, do what they do. It also helps that there were so many people there, and the lighting wasn't bright, so each person had a good deal of anonymity in the crowd. Well, except for the folks dancing on the table (or "mini-stage"). It was encouraged, and most of the people did a good job. I did not partake.

The party ran until 11:00, at which point The Forum opened up to the general public. I supposed we could have stayed and mingled with non-geeks, but my carpool didn't. There was another party starting at someone's house, but I bailed on that. One party per night is enough for me.
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