Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

My day

I rented a car for the weekend. Ignoring the advice one of my friends gave me, I rented from Budget again. Last time, I had no problem. This time, they had no car for me. Budget: "can you go to the airport to pick it up?" Me: "No - I don't have a car, that's why I'm renting one." I'll spare the details, but the guy behind the counter eventually phoned someone and encouraged him to bring a car around. "10 minutes; he's bringing it over from Palo Alto." Fine. I walk back home and return 25 minutes later. Behold, a car! The consilation: I pay for a compact car but get a full-sized. Cushier seats but bigger to drive. It's just too bad that all the other agencies around here would charge me double for the rental. Good for Budget, though, I suppose.

My itinerary for the day: San Jose's Christmas in the Park (and shopping); Great Mall of the Bay Area; some errands around home.

Driving to San Jose wasn't bad. Everyone in California speeds. I tried to blend in but still stuck out as a Washingtonian. As a happy coincidence, the route to San Jose goes right by the airport, so I now have driven that route myself (ie, I shouldn't get lost should I need to pick anyone up).

San Jose does something really right -- lots of free parking. No problem finding a spot and I just leave my car there for a few hours. No messing with quarters, no circling around a garage looking for the space that'll cost me minimum wage to park my car in, etc.

Christmas in the Park in San Jose takes over Ceasar Chavez park in the middle of Downtown. The highlight was a Christmas Tree "forest" wherein different groups had decorated Christmas trees brought in for just this occasion. Sorta cute, esp. the cotton ground cover to simulate snow. Good thing Tahoe is only a few hours away, else locals may not know what real snow looks like.

Lunch and Johnny Rockets and some shopping at the Tech Store and I'm back in the car again. It's just like I'm a real person! I drive to the Great Mall, but choose to take some arterials instead of the freeways. Trying to limit my micromort exposure.

Lots of people at the Mall. No big surprise -- sunny day, gotta buy presents, so go shopping. It's actually not as crowded as Seattle malls are around this time of year. 'course, it's a heckuva lot bigger, too. I find some specialty shops and buy a few small gifts. I realize I have lots of shopping still to do. Hrm.

Head back home, deposit things, and then to Costco. Gotta keep these wheels rolling. I shop for bachelor-chow in bigger-than-bike-basket sizes and masses. 60-odd dollars later my freezer has a much wider selection of weekend meals and I have enough cereal until the end of January. Good.

One more trip, to the hardware store. Finally got my clothes drying rack (stringing things up in the shower didn't quite work). And a piece of pipe insullation. Cut a quarter section lengthwise out of it and the 3/4 piece should make a nice bump guard for my bookshelf and desk truss in my office. I've whacked my head once already, and the next time I might leave a piece of me behind. Here's to hoping the bumper will prevent that.

Dinner was heat-at-home pasta + sauce. Tasty, but nothing exciting. More complex than making cereal, but not a lot (heat parts A and B separately, mix, enjoy). BUT, see, see, -- I really do cook meals at my place. I don't just eat out or at work for every meal. 8)

Left for the evening: putting all my bought stuff away, and hanging some icicle lights on my balcony. I noticed earlier this evening that someone has already done the same on the other side of the courtyard. D'oh! At least we'll match.
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