Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

62 miles, $3.75 of fuel

The rental car has now been returned. I could sorta get used to this whole driving thing. I especially like the part where I don't worry at all about maintaining the car. I don't like the Mercury Sable GS, though, which is what Budget gave me. The rear view mirror is placed to give a blind spot on the passenger side a bit in front of the car. So, if you're at an intersection and look to the right to see the lead car on the cross street, all you see is the mirror. I managed to get through the weekend without hitting anyone nonetheless. I'm now up to about 7 days total driving without an accident. Whee!

My errands today took me to the Stanford shopping center, Fry's, the corner neighborhood grocer, and work. The shopping center is nothing special; it's just like a bigger version of Seattle's University Village (sorry,t you non-Seattlites). I found what I wanted at Fry's but then left. I want it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to get it. [ah, those universal truths] I bought more frozen goodies at the grocery; I'm going to have pizza for dinner this evening (and, no, I don't consider that baking, either). At work, I put up more Christmas decorations. Much of the same that I had in my office at the UW (the lights/garland/balls mix). It's not pretty easy to identify my cube -- it's the only one with all sorts of things hanging over it. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow.
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