Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I snapped some pics of my Christmas Decorations; enjoy at your leisure.

My day today was filled with little tasks that needed finishing. I still have one or two little guys left. Sorta annoying that I can't crank away on my actual project. Well, I can, but minimizing the squared completion time of jobs calls for me to finish the little guys first. With luck, doing so will also streamline my work on my main task (by knocking out the distractions that might pop-up). We'll see.

Gonna head to bed early this evening (I say that every night). For tomorrow, I have an 8:45 appointment at the CA DMV. Wish me luck as I take their written test. Actually my bigger worry is just finding the place (bike from here to rail station; take Caltrain a few stations; bike some more). If I leave extra early and arrive a bit too soon, no worries. That's the time designated to study the little book. Well, then, and about 30 minutes this evening.

With that, it's time to hit the books. Er, book.
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