Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

A shorter entry today

I have a very short pain/pleasure correlation memory. I grabbed an iced frapuccino with lunch today because I remembered that I liked it. It wasn't until later that I remembered it also has a bitter aftertaste and makes me feel a bit nauseaous. How many things in your life taste so good at first but leave a bitter aftertaste and leave you queezy?

AT&T and Sprint were at work pedalling their wireless services. I want(ed) an AT&T phone and spoke with the rep. She was a horrible saleswoman. Wouldn't answer my questions directly, wouldn't shut her mouth while I looked at the wares, and just babbled marketing hype. What's the point of talking with someone face to face if they're as helpful as an all-Flash web site? I have half a mind to get a Verizon cell phone instead just because I didn't like the lady. [In actuality, I'll probably just stick with my status quo for a while longer.]

I got a lot of coding done today. May naive Bayes learner can learn, evaluate, save and load its model, and play dead on cue. I have a slight problem finding enough food for it, though. Turns out, the data I want is (unprocessed) 32GB. The good news, though, is that one of my co-workers has a way of spreading the data around a herd of servers, which should make accessing it much easier (ie, I won't need to copy it onto my local disk). This is the neat thing about the real world: while I sit at home writing LiveJournal entries and watching Firefly, someone else is coding up solutions to my problems. Much better than having to fix all my own thesis bugs.

Okay, as promised, a shorter entry today.
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