Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Just another day

Nothing really exciting happened to me today.

Just bought some toys online. Geek toys, though, and not even so much "toys" as "the makings of toys" (ie, electronics parts). I head back to Seattle next Friday for two weeks, so I had them shipped there. That's where the soldering iron and breadboard is, anyway.

I'm tempted to bring some breadboarding kit with me back down here when I return after Christmas. Writing software is fun and making programs that work well is great. But I really would like to build something in the real world. Building electronic hardware is becoming a forgotten art. The whole of Fry's may be bustling with geeks and wannabe geeks looking at CD-RW drives and such, but their etch-your-own circuit board aisle is quiet.
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