Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Not squirrels

Now that the day's over, I realize that I really didn't get much accomplished. Bummer. Oh, well. How did I fill my day?

Before lunch, I added some UNIX alarm handlers to my code so it would timeout and move on to a successive log entry if one of the upstream servers got hung up. That took about an hour. Then, lunch, a Tech Talk, and 45 minutes of development on a tool for my main project. A co-worker dropped by and I worked with him on documentation for an hour. TGIF at 4, 20 minutes of work afterward, then off to the movies. Then home. Hm, I guess the day really was filled.

I saw Star Trek Nemesis this evening. It's every bit as good as all the critics say. And most of the critics panned it. Bad movies are a lot more fun to see with 2 dozen other geek friends. And 400 other geeks in the theater. Ah, life in Silicon Valley. The mood was set in the theater during the trailers. "The Core" (coming next year) is some sci-fi in which the Earth's molten iron core has stopped turning and that's caused lost of bad things to happen. The trailer was so campy, the audience let it know. I wish I colud have seen a movie exec's face as the whole theater *laughed* through the self-serious trailer. Ho, boy.

On my bike ride back home I saw two fat, slow squirrels lumbering across the road. I slowed down for them to cross, because I always figure a squirrel will double-back on itself and try to get undertire. This pair turned back half-way across the road and never crossed my path, so I kept going. As I passed, I noticed that they really weren't squirrels -- they were skunks. I made some tracks for several hundred yards before slowing down -- my gear may be rain proof, but I don't know about odor control.
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