Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Other things for today

My Christmas cactus can't be fooled. There's a bud on the end of the plant. I wonder if I can set up a plant-cam and watch its progress from Seattle when I'm away. Seems a shame for a plant to reach the height of its bloom when there's no one there to appreciate it.

It continues to rain and be windy around here. The pool water level is up another inch. I think it'll be over the edge in another 1" - 2". That won't be pretty.

The burrito I ate for dinner last night, combined perhaps with some e-mail I sent yesterday, has led to a very unhappy stomach today. Hrm.

I find that I'm excited to tell most stories of adventure (or even lack of adventure, eg., what happens in my usual day) only about once or twice. If I don't speak with anyone else in the day, I'm much more likely to gush into an LJ entry. Vice versa, if I talk with my folks on the phone early in the evening, I'll wrap my entries up quick. This has the odd side-effect that I'll sometimes intensionally withhold some tale or piece of news from someone, because I'd like to tell someone else instead. If I spill the beans too soon, despite my desire to share with that targetted person, my inertia keeps me from doing so. Sorta weird, huh?
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